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"I am floored by The Refinery's expertise and professional savvy. I frantically reached out to the company the night after salary negotiations bean for a lateral attorney position. I realized I was in over my head going at this process with a national law firm without any professional guidance. The Refinery responded right away. They very graciously offered to get involved and help me steer negotiations back in the right direction by giving me some tips to mitigate my early missteps. I am still in the midst of negotiations, but feel so much more confident and empowered to advocate for myself and close the deal on a job I really want."

Jade Smith-Williams, ESQ.


“The Refinery was able to provide valuable insight regarding salary negotiation when I was planning on switching over to a new company. During my discussion with the management team, I was able to make direct and meaningful responses that ultimately led to receiving the salary that I desired. The Refinery tailored their services to what is specifically needed for your situation and ensure that you’re confident enough to pursue the next step. I would highly recommend The Refinery to anyone looking for professional advice when pursuing to advance their careers.”

Dr. Gustavo Casas, PT, DPT

Noey Brisbane.jpg

“I was looking to negotiate my salary and title as an occupational Therapist in an upcoming annual review and want to learn how. I attended a webinar hosted by The Refinery and was able to connect with the company after. They went above and beyond to help, and in the negotiation breakdown, provided up-to-date market research as well as evidenced based practice to support my request for a higher title and salary. I highly recommend working with The Refinery and feel much more confident walking into this review because of them.”

Noey Brisbane, MSOT, OTR/L

Anthony Owusu.jpg

“I have been using The Refinery for the last year to improve my interviewing skills and to ensure my resume represents all of the experience and skillsI have gained. The Refinery has helped by certifying that everything I have worked hard for gets the recognition it deserves. Doing so has been a valuable investment, resulting in a steady elevation within my career. Just recently, The Refinery assisted me in landing an employment opportunity that was critical to my career. When it came time to discuss salary they were also there to help me draft a negotiation document to “secure the bag.” Paying for their services is a no brainer because it has always resulted in me obtaining more financially from my employer.”

Anthony Owusu, MS, Senior Biomedical Engineer

Chelsea Ngo.jpg

“In the process of transitioning from an entry level Physical Therapist position at Pediatric Physical Therapy Network, to a Physical Therapist II role at Stanford Children’s Hospital, I reached to The Refinery to be consulted on how to maximize my offer for compensation. The Refinery went above and beyond my expectations. I can’t thank them enough for helping me out.”

Dr. Chelsea Ngo, PT, DPT, CSCS, PCS

Bryan Luther, Esq.jpeg

“The Refinery is knowledgable, intelligent and versatile. They helped me leverage my background, training and experience during salary negotiations in ways I had never considered in my 10+ years of professional experience. The Refinery’s salary negotiation advisement service exceeded all of my expectations.”

Bryan E. Luther, ESQ.

Gio Dela Cruz.jpg

“As interview season approached, I became more and more stressed thinking about what my interviewers would ask me. I had a general idea of how I wanted to portray myself, but was unsure of how to do it. The Refinery helped me organize my thoughts, accentuate what makes me unique as a candidate, and figure out how to answer any possible question that may be asked. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for The Refinery for helping me get into physical therapy school.”

Gio Dela Cruz

Patty Downs.jpg

“The Refinery provided me with direct and critical resume feedback. The company’s thoughtful and customizable approach to my resume revisions allowed me to immediately send a marketable product to several high profile recruiters. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to advance their career the right way.”

Patty Downs

Rachel Muya.jpg

"The Refinery took me from a place of panic to a place of total confidence, as I was prepping for my interview just in the nick of time! The consultant I worked with was assuring but firm in coaching me. He elevated my interview experience in a way that I didn't expect. I was hesitant at first but truly The Refinery became the missing piece in my mission to getting into DPT school! I am thrilled and excited to now be starting my dream career in New York! The Refinery, Thank You!"

Rachel Muya, SPT

Sabrina San Diego.jpg

“The Refinery is a gem. They are here for you and with you. They listen to you and hear you. Thereafter they provide you with solutions to maximize your individual situation and their methods actually work! This company is a rare find and I appreciate it more than words could ever explain.”


Sabrina San Diego

Rebekka Manzella.jpg

“When I was asked to take on the role of acting director at my current job, The Refinery supported me through each step of the lengthy salary negotiation process, their trustworthy guidance, researched data, and detailed coaching is the support I needed to successfully receive the raise I was looking for in my new position.”


Rebekka Manzella, MSOT, OTR/L

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